At Crux Consultores we have a high degree of commitment to our clients. We are focus on be your technological orientation and support you on making decisions to achieve success.

We work to maintain a long term vision in the services and solutions we offer, as well as information technology consultations, ensuring continuity as your reliable IT supplier.

Crux Consultores is a multidisciplinary team, committed to generate quality services related to IT, applying the best practices, and according to our client’s needs.



Digital Signature Component

All organizations or companies can access the latest electronic signature technology, with the advantages of security and integrity, as well as implementing environmentally friendly solutions.


Taurus is a solution that facilitates the banking entity the integration of the services of Mobile Wallet. This tool streamlines the management of transactions, allowing for intra-bank banking purse transactions and through the BCCR's SINPE movil service with other banks participating in the system.

Control of your company

Draco is a tool to take control of the decisions in your company. It has three modules that are oriented to take control and to follow up to the meetings of board of directors, operative meetings and diverse activities.

Solution for Survey

Orion is a solution for the management of surveys, so that your company can efficiently implement different types of surveys that can be generated within the same.




We are a team of consultants specialized in information technology that we collaborate with our clients to find together the best solution to their needs.

Among our consultants we offer consulting services in areas such as Software Architecture, Databases, Software Quality and Project Portfolio Management and Administration of the same.

Software Architecture

Our architecture services provide a set of high quality services, among which are the definition, review and evaluation of architectures, the analysis and comparison of tools and frameworks, the recommendations and guides for the use of tools and frameworks, the resolution of specific problems of high architectural complexity, proof of concept and feasibility.

As a part of consultancy, we are focus on: definition of technological Roadmap in your organization, based on best practices and appropriate technologies, design and implementation of technological components and frameworks, definition of corporate processes and policies related to the development of applications and execution of computer projects, design of solutions, implementation of technological standards, revisions and quality control in architecture, etc. These tasks are executed within the framework of projects related to Middleware applications and services, which allows us to achieve a global vision of our client´s needs in their different areas. We are a multidisciplinary team specialized in advising and implementing solutions according to market needs, as well as understanding the problem to give the business the best option to strengthen those weak points that your organization can present, technologically speaking.
Clean Architectures: the code worked under this architecture is so structured that its intentions are clear, easy to read and maintain, as well as to prove. It is characterized by being independent of the frameworks, the UI, the databases and any external entity, in addition to being testable. This architecture is based on SOLID principles, which allow generating efficient, robust and stable software, reusable, easy to maintain and easily to be expanded with new features in the most agile way.
Agile Development: it is defined as the conceptual process of systems engineering based on interactions in the development throughout the project cycle. Its objective is to generate tangible results for the business in short periods, which minimizes risks through constant communication between team members, which considers from the technical developers, quality analysts, end users and project coordinators.
The architecture plays a fundamental role in the development and implementation of any system, it is sometimes underestimated and the consequences in the future are serious and difficult to mitigate. Let us advise you and work hand in hand so that your systems have the best standards in the area of technological development worldwide.

QA Software

Software quality is the degree to which a system, component or process meets the needs or expectations of the customer. Therefore, plays a very important role in almost everything we do, from software used in aviation control to the one used in medical devices. For this reason, the software quality has become the benchmark for providing better products and services in a very competitive global economy, making it an advantage for organizations that are taking quality into consideration during the processes.

Quality must be a part of the definition of the vision and mission of an organization. Some elements of quality are included as principles that are part of policies, which should consider the following:

  • - Client satistfaction is the key
  • - The defects must be prevented
  • - The Factory assumes responsability for quality
  • - The process must be controlled
  • - Everyone participates in quality
  • - Quality is designed within the product
  • - The total quality it´s a team work

  • Some benefits of the QA software are the followings:
  • - Client satisfaction.
  • - Enhanced software reliability.
  • - Less amount of mistakes during the software operation.
  • - Compliance with customer requirement.
  • - Requirements stabilization.
  • - Verification that the characteristics of the requirements have been implemented.
  • - The processes are applicable in a consistent way
  • - The processes are improved over time (continuous improvement)

Mentoring and Coaching

These practices are of high added value since they minimize the risks in the development of applications with new technologies. This modality stands out for working as a team to solve the real problems of your organization.

It can be complemented with training courses that are not usually enough to deal with these problems. The mentoring work scheme that we implement at Crux Consultores is based on collaboration and teamwork with your company's staff.


Crux Consultores provides the necessary support to keep your databases optimized and secure, through our specialized consultants in business intelligence. Crux allows you to have expert advice and obtain solutions based on database engines in order to analyze your company's data and provide solutions for making decisions.

We offer you a complete strategy for the health control of your databases, ensuring that they comply with the high performance standards recommended by the world of the technology market. We will give you a professional that will help you define a business intelligence model that allows you to integrate your different data platforms and create a solution that helps you make decisions in an agile, fast and reliable way

We put at your disposal your group of professionals who will help you define a business intelligence model that allows you to integrate your different data platforms and create a solution that helps you make decisions in an agile, fast and reliable way.

Cognitive Application Development and Machine Learning

We create solutions in fields of the world and daily life, natural language is processed to reveal key information of large amounts of unstructured data. This is achieved by giving the applications an initial training, as if it were a person who later gets to learn for himself.

Some examples of uses that Crux Consultores gives to this technology are: customer service, social media monitoring, money laundering detection, brand monitoring, etc. However, the applications that can be given to this technology depends of customer needs, because they are endless.

Project Management

we offer services where the main objective is to provide support to our clients to develop and adopt ways of managing projects, based on best practices of project management and project control.

Our project office is made up of a group of Project Managers, some of whom are certified as PMP (Project Management Professional), international accreditation provided by the PMI (Project Management Institute) and employees certified as SCRUM master. In addition to an extensive experience in the technology industry as well as different areas of the financial and operational market. All this knowledge together allows us to ensure successful projects supported by strategic planning, agile and adaptable to the team, client and market. We consider management as a key factor in the success of projects. This allows us to be more predictable, mitigate the usual risk of projects and deliver results in a timely manner, achieving a satisfied customer. Both in projects that are fully executed with Crux Consultores resources, and in projects where only the project manager is provided, a project methodology is implemented based on best practices suggested by the PMI and the International SCRUM Institute. But, if it is necessary, we also adapt to the project methodologies that our clients implement.

Both projects are fully implemented by Crux Consultores resources, as well as where only the Project Manager is provided by Crux Consultores, we implement a project methodology based on the best practices suggested by the PMI, and we also adapt to the methodologies of Projects implemented by our clients if necessary.

Project Portfolio Management

project portfolio management has as a main objective the administration of the set of technological projects of an organization, offering to make more effective and profitable the use of the resources assigned to the execution of the projects. The project portfolio is the set of projects or programs that an organization generates, executes and manages simultaneously at a given time, in which it invests its resources in order to meet the strategic objectives of the business.

These projects or programs do not necessarily have to be independent or directly related. In this way, coordination of resources and efforts are maintained, in addition to consolidating and centralizing information on the status of projects and their needs.

In this way a coordination of resources and efforts is maintained, as well as consolidating and centralizing information on the status of projects and their needs.

Outsourcing / Outtasking

outsourcing, also called outsourcing or outsourcing, is the process in which we offer our clients to hire the services of our professionals in areas like architecture, development, quality assurance or project management. Much of the power of outsourcing lies in freeing the subcontracting company from a department cost. Besides motivation, training and updating of employees, it is replaced by the cost of operating with our company and for economic purposes it operates as a “department” within the subcontracting company.

In addition, this alternative allows our clients to contract application developments based on requirements not defined, yet. With the possibility of evaluating and paying for them freely, based on four fundamental economic principles:

  • - Reduce production costs.
  • - It allows to obtain better quality products, supporting them with highly trained resources and quality control processes on their projects.
  • - Reduce the number of routine tasks.
  • - It allows the company to devote to tasks of greater profitability.

Solutions Development

Crux Consultores offers you the capabilities of its team of expert consultants for the development and integration of customized technology solutions. Our professional team works in coordination with our project office and in coordination with the client, applying agile methodologies development, combining our own innovation, standard tools and experience to achieve better results in time, cost and effectiveness.

Our professionals have the experience in the integration of systems with a lot of characteristics and technologies. Our offer includes design´s consulting, architecture, planning, implementation and administration of applications that works on heterogeneous environments. Crux Consultores has a software factory that has a standard of development processes and technical environments to use, which guarantees the adaptability of all the products built in our SF to the customer's environments.

Custom development solutions and integration

Our experience and methodology allows us to integrate different market solutions and technologies in shortened terms. We provide to the local and international market software solutions for information management and content production.

We are professionals in information technology, we develop software applications that are materialized in custom systems or pre-designed adjustable solutions to each company according to their needs.

The needs to integrate and make the platforms interoperable has been born mainly due to the fact that consumers are the last beneficiaries. Many business systems needs to be connected in some way with other systems, either within the company or with partners throughout the Internet. In many cases the new demands make integration essential. So, component development focuses on building software applications by integrating existing software components. Integration can reduce the time it takes to make the information available. It can also reduce costs because instead of replacing existing systems, integration can be used to link them.

The rationale for this approach is that certain pieces of software should be written each time, while other common pieces can be reused, where they are written only once. The software development services line includes “Turnkey” projects, services in Software Factory mode and also the provision of specialized professionals for analysis and development tasks.

Development of Solution for Banking and Finance

At Crux we make custom software designs. We are specialized in solutions for banking and finance area, with products for the integration of the services of Mobile Wallet, transaction management, payment integration SINPE Móvil and Cognitive Solutions for the early detection of cases of money laundering and narcoterrorism.

Besides that, we have our Outsourcing / Outtasking services, our staff has experience in different applications used by the country's banking entities.

Development of Solutions Based on Social Networks

Social media currently handle colossal amounts of information. This information can be used as a raw material to know the different reactions around advertising campaigns, promotions and different post of the company.

Additionally, we can analyze the growth of our “Fan Page”, as well as the activity recorded over time, for example: amount of “likes”, number of comment, number of “retwitts”, etc. The attention of our communication channels is something that we can solve and enhance with custom development, to achieve 24-hour customer service, without restrictions, many requests at peak times, schedules, moods and something else, this will certainly give us as a result a satisfied customers.

Mobile marketing and its solutions also offer:

  • -The mobile navigation from smartphones has allowed the development of new advertising formats and their portability.

  • -Exponential increase in web traffic: The media with version accessible from mobile phones and tables will increase exponentially the traffic of visitors.

  • -The massing of tablets like iPad produces a revolution in the mobile applications market and its integration with social networks, which opens up new opportunities for brands.

  • -Measurement in mobile marketing demonstrates the effectiveness of the medium to customers and agencies, providing the impact of the campaign or action on both the website and social networks.

  • -These new devices favor a development of applications and mobile websites which makes improving the user experience and increase traffic.

Business Intelligence and Data Science

We offer a set of products and services that allows end users quickly and easily access and analyze information for business decision-making at an operational, tactical and strategic level.

The huge amount of data that companies have access to today for taking decisions and creating new services has increased the reach and functionality of all types of applications. With data science we can enhance the performance of your business using all the information we have.

The life or period of success of a business intelligence solution will depend solely on the level of success it does for the benefit of the organization that uses it, if it is able to increase its financial, administrative and decision-making levels. The same, the business intelligence used will be present for a long time, providing better results and more accurate.

The life or the period of success of a business intelligence solution will depend just of the level of success of which it does for the benefit of the organization that uses it, if it is able to increase its financial, administrative level and its decisions improve by operating the same, the business intelligence used will be present for a long time, providing better and more accurate results.

Additionally, analytical intelligence tools and Data Science enable the modeling of representations based on queries to create a comprehensive scorecard that serves as the basis for reporting. This set of tools and methodologies have in common the following characteristics:

• Accesibility to information: Data is the main source of this concept. The first thing that should guarantee this type of tools and techniques will be the access of the users to the data independently of the origin of these.
• Support in decision making: It seeks to go further in the presentation of information, so that users have access to analysis tools that will allow them to select and manipulate only those data that they wanted to.
• End user orientation: Independence is sought between the technical knowledge of users and their ability to use these tools.

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