The solution provides for intrabank businesses channels such as web services for application integration, tablet applications, website and e-commerce component.Taurus allows the bank to develop a new form of payment and provide services to the affiliated businesses that has this form of payment. Taurus handles typical characteristics of a business of affluence, defining the structure of businesses, business rules, differentiated commissions, retention and monitoring of transactions with fraudulent characteristics.

Taurus solution has the following modules:

  • - Smarth phones platform.
  • - SMS Platform.
  • - Trade integration platform.
  • - User web platform.
  • - Integration platform with Bank (Intrabank) and bank wallet (PMB SINPE).

Web management platform for authorizations, reporter, commerce support, and maintenance of the entities involved (commerce, branch offices, users) The solution has an architecture services oriented, so its integration with other systems is transparent and complies with the security rules required by the financial market today.

Additionally, the web applications have authentication and authorization mechanism based on national digital signature, multi-browser y multi-platform, so they reinforce the level of security when operating the solution.


1. It allows the bank to develop a business not only for transfers with bank wallet, but a new business of transfers, collections and intrabank payments based on the platform, allowing them to develop new business with their clients. As well as offering them a new payment method, reducing the circulation of cash.

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Avoid investments in hardware and software to offer services using different ways, in a modality that is kept up to date in terms of what the market demands of the possible technological clients that it manages, such as the operating systems of phones and tablets. Also, taking into consideration the new guidelines issued by the Central Bank of Costa Rica for the use of the mobile wallet platform.

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Facility for the areas of business management of the bank in the handling of the solution, in the handling of this new form of payment.

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Transaction monitoring through daily reports or due to the demand that the user can generate.

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It allows to provide a differentiated service to businesses that use the platform, encouraging them to adopt it as a form of payment, not only to reduce the cash flow in the bank, but also to lowering the operation and risk costs involved.

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Possibility of customization to the needs of the bank, providing the opportunity to mold this new business to the needs and strategies of the bank.

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