It is a tool for cognitive analysis of conversations and perceptions of our clients regarding the care services provided by an institution.

We have 2 versions for you, Capella Spotlight and Capella Virtual Assistant:

  • • Capella Spotlight is a web system of perceptions analysis in previously established social media. Once these results are obtained, the system allows through report to make comparisons between pages, so that it can be detected in which social media there is a better or worse feeling on the client´s side. Unlike the virtual assistant, Spotlight version compares perceptions between pages.
  • • Capella Virtual Assistant is a broader system than Spotlight. It is a virtual assistant agent that through cognitive training, answers their questions in a natural language. Thanks to cognitive technology, Capella has the ability to learn from client´s interactions and use that knowledge for future conversations. Capella Virtual Assistant has the functionality of perform monitoring of communication channels with its clients such as chat with the virtual assistant, conventional chat and social media such as Facebook or Twitter. It provides an instant detection of the general and detailed perception of communications via chat, as well as the perception and feelings in social media, identifying the type of comment or publication and automatically reassigning it to the appropriate staff at your organization for personalized attention. It does not compare perceptions like Capella Spotlight, but does indicate specific results.

Monitoring and tracking of agents in conventional chat

Capella allows integration with your company's conventional chat platform, identifying emotions and feelings during its development, with the ability to evaluate the performance of its staff. Besides that, the perception of emotions and feelings of the client at every moment during the conversation.

Cognitive chat and networking monitoring.

Capella provide to us with a virtual assistant, which will aim to address concerns or requests of our customers, obtaining a high level of customer service, with no restrictions about customer service schedules, amount of simultaneous requests or even the mood that can influence in the productivity of an average person.

Besides that, it provides a dashboard where the different communication channels of our company are analyzed. For example: our social media, campaigns or even the same conversations that our virtual assistant has attended. In order for us to know the emotions or reactions of our clients at some moments. This is certainly a strategic tool for the company.

Integration and customization to the needs of your company

Capella also allows you the integration through an architecture oriented to services to other Legacy systems of your company such as workflows, Intranet, Website, CRM, ERP, etc. Contact us and we will evaluate your needs, as well as the benefits that our Capella solution can give you with respect to what you are looking for for your organization.